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There are many factors to consider when weighing DR options. We hope that you find our collection of videos to be informative (and in some cases, equally entertaining) as you conduct your research.


5-Minute Quorum onQ Demonstration

Quorum onQ solutions leverage a combination of technologies that not only minimize the impacts of downtime and data loss, but help to boost productivity and speed ROI as well. Learn how in this short demonstration. Don’t just recover… PREcover. (Running time 4:56)

Always Be Testing: The Basis for Building Confidence in DR

This video shares some head-turning statistics highlighting the importance of consistent DR testing for critical application servers. Quorum onQ solutions enable automated, non-intrusive DR testing on a daily basis. Don’t just recover… PREcover.
(Running time 3:16)

Highlights from Quorum’s Disaster Recovery Report

Quorum onQ solutions enable instant recovery of applications and data. Why is this important? Because the cost of downtime and data loss can have a considerable impact on an organization’s ability to survive and thrive. This video shares key findings from Quorum’s 2013 Q1 Disaster Recovery Report. Don’t just recover… PREcover.

Quorum onQ Customer Testimonial: California Bankers Association

Jeff Hayward of Lincoln Paper and Tissue shares his experience with Quorum onQ.

Quorum onQ Customer Testimonial: Lincoln Paper and Tissue

Randy Mateo of California Bankers Association shares his experience with Quorum onQ.

Webinar: Why Moving to the DR Cloud Makes Sense

In this 40-minute webinar presented to the Spiceworks community, Matt Kern, Quorum senior engineer demonstrates the advantages of disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) leveraging Quorum onQ solutions. Don’t just recover… PREcover. (Running time 38:28)

What Hides Beneath the Dust?

Is it time to clean out your datacenter (aka “crypt”)? Learn how Quorum onQ solutions can significantly improve your organization’s ability to bounce back from unplanned service interruptions; and maintain user productivity. Don’t just recover… PREcover.

Just for Fun

Big or Small, DR Preparedness is Key

Regardless of an organization’s size, application availability and data protection are top priorities for IT. Quorum onQ solutions help to relieve the stress associated with these ongoing challenges – and more. Don’t just recover… PREcover.

Don’t Let Downtime Spook You

Zombies on the loose? Don’t let them jeopardize your reputation as an IT professional. Quorum onQ solutions offer a modern approach to DR. Don’t just recover… PREcover.

Easter Bunny Not So Funny? Be Prepared with Quorum onQ.

Application downtime caused by the Easter Bunny? Stranger things have happened. Fortunately, Quorum onQ solutions help to mitigate the effects of downtime and data loss – regardless of the culprit. Don’t just recover… PREcover.

Is Your Current DR Strategy Not Working for You?

Matt the IT guy daydreams about managing the computer operations for an entire starship. Thanks to the reliability of Quorum onQ solutions, he’s able to quickly recover from server outages, while a the same time, minimize data loss. Don’t just recover… PREcover.

The Most Interesting IT Man in the World: Episode 1 – Stress? Yes.

Ever feel like Joe the IT guy? We bet you do. Watch and learn how Quorum onQ solutions can relieve some of the stress that you contend with as an IT professional. Don’t just recover… PREcover.

The Most Interesting IT Man in the World: Episode 2 – A Tiny Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Countless studies echo the fact that downtime and data loss are rarely caused by Mother Nature. However, there are indeed instances where she (and her children) are to blame. Watch and learn how Quorum onQ solutions can save both your bacon, and your reputation in the event of a vicious four-legged attack on your datacenter . Don’t just recover… PREcover.

The Most Interesting IT Guy in the World: Episode 3 – Coffee and Elbows and Hardware… Oh My!

Enjoy an occasional cup of coffee to combat the chill of your datacenter? Well, just remember. It’s all fun and games until a rogue elbow makes it’s presence known. The good news? Quorum onQ solutions can help to rescue a reputation that’s teetering on the edge of destruction. Don’t just recover… PREcover.